Register for Accessibility Services

Step 1: Contact Accessibility Services
We encourage current and prospective students to contact one of our Accessibility Advisors as soon as possible to begin the intake process. For example, if you are starting classes in September, please contact us early in May/June.

Step 2: Gather Documentation
Northern College supports students with permanent and/or temporary disabilities. Documentation is required from a regulated health care professional confirming a disability and identifying the functional limitations you will experience in post-secondary education. Interim accommodations may be provided to students who are being assessed or waiting on documentation. Note: It is not a requirement to provide a specific diagnosis to access accommodations and support services at Northern College.

If you have a learning disability, you will need a current psycho-educational assessment completed by a Psychologist or Psychological Associate within the last 5 years or as an adult (18 years or older), confirming your functional limitations. Referrals for updated psycho-educational assessment may be facilitated through Accessibility Services. If you have physical, medical, hearing, vision or mental health concerns, your registered health care professional can complete the Medical Information Request Form or provide similar documentation confirming your functional limitations.

Please note:

  • An IEP provides background information, but does not confirm a disability or related functional limitations.
  • A registered healthcare professional is someone who is capable of providing confirmation of a disability and providing the functional limitations that may affect your academic functioning (i.e. chiropractor, optometrist, family physician, psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, etc.).