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Northern Training Division

Northern Training Division provides training solutions for business and industry in the region and beyond. With offices at each of the Northern College Campuses, college staff offer its expertise and knowledge to develop and deliver courses, programs and services with one primary objective: to assist corporate clients achieve maximum work performance for their employees through targeted training. Customized, online and sector specific training are offered to accommodate the needs of employers in the region.

Programs include:

• Mining - Underground and Surface Programs
• Professional Driving and Heavy Equipment Operation
• Health, Safety and Environmental Training
• Computer and Office Administration Courses
• Workplace and Professional Skills Development

Complete Program Listing

Training Schedules

Haileybury Campus
Kirkland Lake Campus
Timmins Campus

Apprenticeship Training

Apprenticeship Training Apprenticeship training is a hands on learning experience combining on-the-job training under the mentorship of more experienced workers and in-school learning. Northern College delivers the in-school classroom instruction in a variety of formats including ‘Block’, ‘Day Release’, ‘Part Time’ and On-Line. Most apprenticeships include 3 levels of in-school training and require approximately 2 to 5 years to complete. The college also offers pre-apprenticeship training as a bridging program into the trades. Programs available:

Construction and Maintenance Electrician
Construction Craft Worker
Customer Service Agent
Sales Agent
Technical Support Agent
General Carpenter
Heavy Duty Equipment Technician
Heavy Equipment Operator - Dozer
Heavy Equipment Operator - Excavator
Heavy Equipment Operator - Wheel Loader
Industrial Millwright Mechanic
Native Residential Construction Worker

Visit Apprenticeship Training to learn more.

Community Based Training

Community Based Training involves the growth of partnerships with Aboriginal Peoples to address the training and service needs of Aboriginal Communities. Aboriginal Communities recognize that education and training are key components of strong and viable economic and community development; Northern College works with Aboriginal groups in their home communities to create tailor-made education and training programs to meet community and industry needs. Cultural standards and teachings are integrated into the planning and delivery to the greatest degree possible.