Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) Program

The Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) program is a high school equivalency program for adult learners. It is delivered in class by Ontario’s community colleges and online by the College Sector Committee for Academic Upgrading through ACE Distance. The ACE program offers core and optional courses in communications, mathematics, the sciences, computers, and self-management/self-direction. ACE courses can be used to:

  • meet college and apprenticeship program specific admission requirements;
  • earn the ACE Certificate, a grade 12 equivalency; and
  • refresh academic skills.

ACE Certificate
To receive an ACE Certificate, students are required to complete the communications course, one mathematics course plus any two other courses from the ACE course list.

The ACE Certificate is recognized as an OSSD (grade 12) equivalent by Ontario’s community colleges and by the Apprenticeship Branch of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. ACE courses have been evaluated by the Ministry of Education. The ACE Certificate is also recognized as an OSSD (grade 12) equivalent by a growing number of employers when hiring and promoting staff. 

Career Coach

Timmins Campus
Tel: (705) 235-7240
Kirkland Lake Campus
Tel: (705) 567-9291 Ext. 3606
Haileybury Campus
Tel: (705) 672-3376 Ext. 8840
Moosonee Campus
Tel: 705-336-2913 x5609
Northern College Academic Upgrading Centre
Cochrane, Ontario
Tel: (705) 272-4188
Iroquois Falls Adult Learning Centre
Tel: (705) 232-5433
Timmins Native Friendship Centre
(705) 268-6262 ext. 228
Northern College Access Centre, Moose Factory
25 Pedabun Rd. Moose Factory, ON
Tel: 705-658-4726 x222