To apply, visit Ontario Colleges or telephone 1-888-892-2228. If there are more qualified applicants than spaces available in a given program, selection of those to be offered admission shall be made based on specific academic requirements, grades, testing and other criteria as determined by the College, respecting the equal consideration date.

Highly Competitive Programs are programs that receive more applications than seats available in the program. Applications are ranked in order of priority according to highest academic achievement in the admission requirements published for the program. After the February 1st equal consideration date, applications are either wait-listed or accepted on a first come first serve basis in accordance with the admission requirements if there are remaining vacancies in the program. Highly competitive programs are indicated on the program page.

The cut off GPA (grade point average) for highly competitive programs is generally much higher than the minimum grades noted in the program admission requirements and this cut off grade changes from year to year depending on the pool of applicants received. As a result of the competitiveness of these programs, the college may use Grade 11 grades and/or first semester grades to make their offers of admission.

2019 Registration Form Complete and return no later than June 17, 2019. September 2019 Registration Form

Academic Calendar
Academic Calendar - Fall and Winter
Academic Calendar - Summer 2018 Semester

Requirements and Forms
Some programs offered at Northern College have specific admission requirements and/or forms that have to be completed before the start of the semester or the date specified. These include health care record, immunization forms, CPR/First Aid Forms, criminal record check and vulnerable record check forms, rabies vaccine information, equipment/tool kit list, audiology evaluation/vision report forms and any other program specific requirement.

Program Specific Admission Packages

Important Dates
June 17, 2019 A deposit of $500 (non-refundable) is due or upon confirmation of offer.
September 3, 2019 Fall semester fees including ancillary fees are due. Full fees (two semester) may also be paid.
September 6, 2019 A late fee of $150 will be applied if fall semester fees are not paid in full. Students who redirect their OSAP funding to the college to pay their tuition fees may be exempt from the late fee. Bursaries will be applied to student accounts following Day 10 (September 17, 2019), therefore, any late fees will only apply to outstanding balances less the bursary amount.
January 3rd, 2020 Winter semester fees are due.
January 7, 2020 A late fee of $150 will be applied if winter semester fees are not paid in full.

If you have applied for OSAP funding, your winter semester fees are due within 7 days of receiving your OSAP funding, otherwise, the late fee will apply. Students who redirect their OSAP funding to the college to pay their tuition fees may be exempt from the late fee.

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