Alumni at Northern College

Come grow with us! Keep in touch. Get involved!

Many benefits and opportunities await you as a graduate of Northern College! We want to share these with you. Help us keep in touch! As an active alumni member, you will be provided with numerous occasions to reconnect and network with old classmates and partners of the Alumni Association. You will also gain access to employment connections, and professional development which will contribute to your growth, your network, and your prospects. Get involved today to make a difference in your life and the life of someone else! Take advantage of the wide range of benefits, services and discount programs exclusively offered to alumni members. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hockey fan, a history buff, an avid reader or a kid at heart. There is something for everyone!

Alumni Membership
The Northern College Alumni Association shall be comprised of:

  • Graduate (Full Member): Graduate Member shall mean and include any student who has successfully completed an accredited post-secondary program from the College and/or any of its predecessor institutions.
  • Associate Member:shall mean and include any former students of the College, who are not eligible for graduate membership and/or have completed part or all of an accredited program as well as a recognized seminar course from the College and/or any of its predecessor institutions
  • Honorary Member: shall mean and include those individuals who have been recognized by the Council for making a significant contribution to the welfare and activities of the College and/or Alumni.

The Northern College Alumni Association family includes the following campus graduates: Haileybury, James Bay Education Centre, Kapuskasing, Kirkland Lake, and Timmins. Membership also includes students who have attended but not completed an accredited program at Northern College or its predecessor institutions.

The Alumni Association has partnered with groups and organizations to offer discounted rates on a wide range of products, services and benefits for Alumni!