Board of Governors – Policies

Section – Policy
No. 1 Conduct of the Affairs of the Board (PDF, 255 KB)
No. 2 College Council (PDF, 94.9 KB)
A – Ends
A-0 Mega Ends (PDF, 34.6 KB)
A-1 Vision Mission (PDF, 41.6 KB)
A-2 Programs of Instruction (PDF 43.3 KB)
A-3 Strategic Plan (PDF, 37.4 KB)
A-4 Business Plan (PDF, 34.8 KB)
A-5 Annual Report (PDF, 37.0 KB)
A-6 Student Success (PDF, 41.5 KB)
A-7 Our Communities (PDF, 41.3 KB)
A-8 Our Staff (PDF, 32.9 KB)
B – Governance Process
B-1 Policy Development (PDF, 40.4 KB)
B-2 Governance and Accountability (PDF, 76.2 KB)
B-3 Relationships with Indigenous People and Communities (PDF, 54.6 KB)
B-4 External Governor Representation (PDF, 40.4 KB)
B-5 Effective Student Governor Representation (PDF, 34.9 KB)
B-6 Election of Internal Board Members (PDF, 67.3 KB)
B-7 Board and Member Self Evaluation (PDF, 43.7 KB)
B-8 Board of Governors Agendas – General Session and Committee of the Whole (PDF, 46.3 KB)
B-9 Conflict of Interest (PDF, 107 KB)
B-10 Complaints to Board Members (PDF, 39.1 KB)
B-11 Occupational Health and Safety (PDF, 53.4 KB)
B-12 Travel Expenses – Board Members (PDF, 34.5 KB)
B-13 Presentations to the Board (PDF, 39.2 KB)
B-14 Reappointment of Board of Governors Members (PDF, 37.2 KB)
B-15 Recruitment and Orientation of New Governors (PDF, 79.8 KB)
B-17 Protocol for Naming Facilities (PDF, 38.9 KB)
B-18 Board Information System (PDF, 68 KB)
B-19 Board Monitoring System (PDF, 79 KB)
B-20 Board Attendance (PDF, 23.6 KB)
B-21 Investment Policy (PDF, 32.4 KB)
C – Board-President Relations
C-1 Delegation to the President (PDF, 46 KB)
C-2 Appointment of an Interim President (PDF, 32.8 KB)
C-3 Selecting a New President (PDF, 33 KB)
C-4 President’s Contract (PDF, 36.9 KB)
C-5 Assessing Presidential Performance (PDF, 62 KB)
C-6 Incidents Involving the College President (PDF, 39 KB)
C-7 President Emeritus (PDF, 42 KB)
C-8 Terminating the President’s Contract (PDF, 39.2 KB)
D – Executive Limitations
D-1 General Executive Constraint (PDF, 30.4 KB)
D-2 Communication with the Board (PDF, 38.4 KB)
D-3 Partnerships and Collaborative Initiatives (PDF, 37.8 KB)
D-4 Program Advisory Committees (PDF, 26.4 KB)
D-5 Signing Authority (PDF, 39.6 KB)
D-6 Naming of Facilities (PDF, 30.8 KB)
D-7 Language Services Policy (PDF, 37.4 KB)
D-8 Purchasing (PDF, 40.2 KB)
D-9 Facility Leasing Policy (PDF, 38.6 KB)
D-10 Leadership Succession Plan (PDF, 43.3 KB)
D-11 Asset Protection (PDF, 57.2 KB)
D-12 Financial Matters (PDF, 67.6 KB)
D-13 Insurance (PDF, 22.9 KB)
D-14 Commitment to Quality (PDF, 23.2 KB)
D-15 Staff Relations (PDF, 36.2 KB)
D-16 Risk Management (PDF, 37.9 KB)