Business Fundamentals

Program Title – Business Fundamentals

Program Codes & Methods of Delivery by Campus
Program codes are for September intakes except those that are indicated differently.

Fall Intake
Select a program code and apply through OCAS.
B287 (PC) – Timmins Campus – on site
B288 (KL) – Kirkland Lake Campus – through hybrid on-site and distance education
B289 (HL) – Haileybury Campus – through hybrid on-site and distance education
B294 (JB) – Moosonee Campus – through distance education
B291 (OL) – Open Learning – distance learning/correspondence
B292 (CK) – Through hybrid on-site & distance learning

Winter Intake
B287W (PC) – Timmins Campus on site
B292W (CK) – Through hybrid on-site & distance learning
B291S Summer Intake (OL) – Distance Learning/correspondence; continuous monthly intakes available

Program Description
Business Fundamentals is a common first year business program for Northern College’s two* and three year business programs in accounting, human resources management, marketing, and business general studies. This program offers a choice of start dates. Regular intakes occur in September and January. Students starting in January take 2 semesters of study ending in early July, and then continue with second year studies in the fall. In addition, a correspondence-based self-study is available with intakes each month. Delivery of courses differs based on the intake. The January intake first semester (January to April) has one extra course from the second semester (BU1074 Principles of Human Resource Management), helping to balance workload during the shortened second semester (May to early July). The second semester of the January intake provides you with the same total hours per course, but with higher weekly hours given the shorter 12-week time frame.

This program is offered through Northern Colleges Collaboration Program (NCCP)

For the January 2017 intake, your classes include professors and students from other partner colleges, brought together in a virtual classroom. All students will join classes through web-conferencing software using a computer, laptop or mobile device with a headset or earbuds with a microphone. Classes will be delivered at scheduled times (synchronous delivery) and will be recorded for later review. To allow for flexibility, students may join classes at the college or anywhere you have connectivity. Students will have access to all college services at the college where they register. Learn more about Northern Colleges Collaboration Program (NCCP).

Application process for Business Fundamentals
Fall intake – If your goal is to earn only the 1-year certificate apply directly to this program using the program codes below. If your goal is a 2- or 3-year business program, apply to the Northern College program of your choice on OCAS. When studies commence, you are automatically registered in first year Business Fundamentals. January intake – After completing this first year, you can register for the fall into the second year of the 2- or 3-year business program of your choice.

Career Opportunities
Graduates of the program may choose to continue in any of the other Business diploma programs offered or enter the work force with a foundation in basic business skills.

Contact Information
Timmins Campus
Rose-Marie Deacon, Program Coordinator
Tel: 705-235-3211 ext.  2243

Haileybury Campus, Kirkland Lake Campus, and Contact North
Roseanne Clyburn, Program Coordinator
Tel: 705-672-3376 Ext. 8822

Distance Learning Officer
Tel: 705-567-9291 ext.3673