Campus Bookstore: How to Place an Order

Selecting the Textbooks & Course Materials

1. From the home screen, scroll down to select your term: Fall 2020. Then click on “Find Courses” .

2. Use your Booklist to select the department code and course code. (ex: Dept “AA” or “SW”, course “1903” or “2003”) You will need your schedule to know your section code. (ex: “101” or “120”)

3. As you enter the information, more drop down menus will appear. You can enter all your courses at once.

4. When you are done entering your course information, click on “Find Materials for “X” course/s”.

5. All your required course materials will appear. You can now select from what is available, new, used rental or digital.

6. When you are done selecting what you need, click on “Add “X” Items to bag”.

7. Your bag will become visible so you can double check that your selections are accurate. From here you can either “Continue Shopping” or “View Bag & Checkout”.

8. Your bag will appear again in case you wish to change anything. Now proceed to checkout. The “Accept Substitution” page appears, you can select yes or no. This is what allows us to change the condition you requested if we run out. Make your selection then click “Proceed to checkout”.

9. Now you have the option to sign in or continue as guest. If you are renting, you will be required to create an account. It is recommended that you create an account so that you can review your history and check on your order.

11. From here, you will select your delivery method, payment method and finalize your transaction.

If you choose to pick up your purchase at the Northern College Bookstore in Timmins, there will be no shipping charge. If you choose to have your items shipped to your home there will be a charge for shipping.

Please ensure your email address is correct, this is how we are able to update you on the status of your order and provide you with tracking information.

If you need any other information, please feel free to contact us at the Northern College Bookstore 705-235-7205 or