Certificate in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Program Title – Certificate in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

  • You can help children and adolescents reach their full potential. Do you work in education or community services and want to make a difference in the lives of children and adolescents you work with? Are you one of the following?

    • Social Worker, Early Childhood Educator, Child and Youth Worker or Educational Assistant
    • Parent or Volunteer
    • Police Officer
    • Administrator, School Support Staff or Teacher
    • Interested in learning about disabilities?

Register Online – January 2019

Through the Child and Adolescent Mental Health program, you will enhance your knowledge of various emotional and psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents including characteristics, treatments and causal factors. You’ll learn how to use effective intervention strategies to manage aggressive behaviour in children and adolescents and how to apply evidence-based intervention techniques when dealing with individuals with a variety of identifications. You will learn various approaches to working collaboratively with children and adolescents who are taking psychotropic medications, their parents, and other community agencies.

This Ministry approved program is delivered on a part time basis, therefore it’s not OSAP eligible. This flexible program is designed with the latest developments in mental health and is for those who are currently working or plan to work with children and adolescents. This program is also designed for those who require additional knowledge around the mental health needs of this population. You may choose to take individual courses or complete the whole program and obtain certification.

Course Listing – Each course is 50 hours in length.
• Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Working with the Family
• Communications
• Introduction to Social Problems
• Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
• Working with Diversity
• Alternative Interventions
• Crisis and Behaviour Intervention
• Behaviour and Drugs
• Building Family Support
• Developmental Psychology
• Capstone Consolidation

Online Delivery
This certificate program is offered completely online. All courses are available at the beginning of every semester:

  • September/Fall
  • January/Winter
  • May/Summer

Register before the start of the semester to ensure you are set up to start on time. Cost is $402.50 per course plus textbook. A mandatory graduation fee will be charged to each student in the last semester of courses before achieving the certificate. For international study outside of Canada via distance, tuition is $953.00 (CDN) per course plus textbook.

Registration Information
To register for the certificate program, please apply to the program by visiting www.ontariocolleges.ca
To register for an individual course, please contact Northern College directly at 705.235.3211 ext. 2211.

Campus Contact
Tel:705-235-3211 ext. 2211