College Faculty Request ‘No-Board’ Report

Friday, September 22, 2017

TIMMINS, ON: Negotiations between the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) representing college faculty and the College Employer Council representing Ontario’s 24 publicly funded colleges are ongoing. Both sides returned to the bargaining table earlier this week after members voted in favour of a strike on Thursday, September 14.

Despite having used the services of a conciliator, the two bargaining teams have been unable to reach an agreement. Although bargaining is scheduled to continue next week, OPSEU has requested a no-board report, which will put the parties in a legal strike or lockout position by mid-October.

After a no-board report is issued, the parties must observe a sixteen-day period during which terms of employment are frozen, but bargaining may continue. A no-board report does not mean a strike or lockout will occur.

The union must provide colleges with five days’ notice before they can legally strike. The colleges remain committed to achieving a negotiated settlement, which is fair to our faculty while being affordable and responsible for the colleges.

Regardless of how events unfold, Northern is doing everything possible to ensure that each student will have the opportunity to complete the year and that there are minimal disruptions. No Ontario college student has ever lost a year because of a strike.

In the event of a strike, the College will continue to operate, allowing students to have full access to facilities and services to continue with curriculum, such as the Learning Resource Centre, Advising Services, the Wellness Centre, and tutorial assistance.

Northern College is committed to keeping students, staff, community members and partners informed on the status of the 2017 OPSEU collective agreement bargaining process. Current communications can be found on Northern’s website at The site will be updated regularly along with social media platforms.


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