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Distance Learning

Distance learning at Northern College means that you are able to learn from a location that is near to where you are located. We offer various modes of delivery for students that live at a distance. They include correspondence, video, and web-based courses.

Correspondence Courses

Our correspondence courses enable students to be able to take a course at their own pace. Students are able to start when it is convenient for them. These courses are paper-based, and students have approximately 16 weeks to complete the course.

Video Courses

Our video courses enable students at any of our four campuses to be in the same class, with the instructor teaching from one of the campuses. Northern also offers video systems that allow students who live in various Northern Ontario communities to attend school without leaving their communities.

Web-based Courses

Our web-based courses are delivered in one of two ways, synchronous or asynchronous. With synchronized courses, students attend “live lectures” in an online environment. These courses are delivered to anywhere that students have access to the internet. We also offer Centra, a web-based platform to taking web-based courses. In addition, we use Blackboard Collaborate. This mode of delivery is used when many of our student in a particular course are located outside of Northern Ontario. Many times, these synchronized courses are recorded, giving flexibility for students who are not able to attend the live session due to work / life commitments. Students are able to go in and listen to any classes when they were not able to the “live” session.

With asynchronous courses, most of the studies are completed in a self-guided environment with due dates for assignments and tests. Students have access to a facilitator who assists with any questions the student might have, and also provides feedback to the assessments the students complete. Any of our internal courses are completed using a learning management system (LMS) called Blackboard. Northern College is also a partner in a consortium called Ontario Learn, in which students are able to take courses offered by several of the colleges in Ontario. The main difference is that the facilitator is located at another college within Ontario. Courses delivered through Ontario Learn may be delivered using Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, or other learning management systems.

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