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Heavy Equipment Operator - Dozer Operator Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Duration: Approximately 1-2 years.

The Heavy Equipment Operator - Dozer Apprenticeship is based on competencies through demonstrated skill, rather than a fixed number of hours on the job; however, the benchmark is 2,260 hours, which includes 240 hours of in-class training. The apprenticeship is completed when the apprentice has achieved competency in all of the on-the-job performance objectives and when the 240 hours (or approximately 8 weeks) of in-school training have successfully been completed.

Additional Information

Dozer operators operate heavy equipment used in the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, airports, gas and oil pipelines, tunnels, buildings, and other structures. They also operate in surface mining and quarrying activities, and in material handling work. They work on machines such as bulldozers, boring machines, trenching machines, and forklifts. The work involves excavating sites, grading, ramp building, stockpiling, backfilling, and towing. Dozer operators must read and interpret government legislation, site plans and manufacturers’ manuals; install attachments; do preventative maintenance; transport, load and unload equipment; follow basic rigging principles; and understand earth-moving fundamentals, such as soil characteristics, and ground conditions.

Training Information: 

Northern College offers the theory training for this apprenticeship, often in conjunction with the Excavator and Tractor Loader Backhoe operator. The training is usually delivered through a community-based initiative.

In-class and practical training includes:

  • Introduction and Safety
  • Pre-Operation Inspection
  • General Preventative Maintenance
  • Operating a Dozer
  • Transporting Equipment
  • Practical experience includes both simulators as well as actual heavy equipment.

Educational Requirements: 

Grade 12

Timmins Campus
Karri Kentish, Program Clerk
Tel: 705.235.3211 ext. 2133 | Fax: 705.235.6853

Kate Quinn, Program Assistant
Tel: 705.235.3211 ext. 2133 | Fax: 705.235.6853