DZ Truck Driving Program

DZ Truck Driving Program (3 Weeks/69 Hours)

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In order to enroll in this program, participants must be at least 18 years of age, hold a valid class ā€˜Gā€™ license and possess a minimum education level of Grade 10 or equivalent. Prior to starting the program, the participant must, at their own cost, complete a MTO physical and show proof of completion of the MTO written test. Instruction is given on the proper shifting of standard transmission trucks. Instruction on an automatic transmission can be given on a special request. Please state this request prior to starting the course.

Classroom Instruction – 42 Hours
We provide our participants with all of the background information that they will require to operate a dump truck or any vehicle that exceeds 11,000 kg gross weight safely and effectively. Classroom may include web-conferencing and/or face to face instruction.

Fieldwork Instruction – 7 Hours

  • Job Communication
  • Perform Pre-start Inspection
  • Complete Operational Checks
  • Complete Shut Down and Parking Procedures
  • Operational Procedure

Operating Time – 20 Hours
Participants will receive 27 hours of drive/fieldwork time with an instructor including trips on highways, city streets and back roads. Particular attention will be paid to defensive driving. As well, the instructor will introduce real scenarios a driver may encounter. Some real scenarios may be presented and experienced through the use of truck simulator workshops. Most drive/fieldwork time is on a 1:1 participant to instructor ratio.

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