Environmental Monitoring Training

Program Length: 4 Weeks

Grade 10 or equivalent and successful completion of Environmental Core Skills Modules.

Program Overview
This environmental training is delivered through a partnership between Northern College and Building Environmental Aboriginal Human Resources (BEAHR) Learning Institute.

Environmental Monitor
This training provides a basic understanding of the theory and techniques of environmental monitoring. Environmental Monitors are individuals who observe the environment and the impacts of human and industrial activities. They communicate this information to various stakeholders and help to mitigate negative environmental impacts.

Environmental Monitoring Curriculum
Regulatory Monitors: Individuals who monitor the activities of industry to ensure complicance with land-use or other environmental impact agreements. Consists of: Regulatory Introduction and Monitoring Impacts.

Research Monitors
Individuals who assist researchers in monitoring various factors of the environment. For instance, they assist in wildlife counts, surveys, or sampling. Consists of: Research Skills and Basic Ecology.

Environmental Monitoring Training Certificate
Upon successful completion of all modules, students will be presented with a Northern College of Applied Arts & Technology Certificate of Attainment in Environmental Monitoring Training.