Bursaries for Students

Northern College awards student bursaries during the fall and winter semesters at our campuses. The online bursary application system is opened for student applications during the month of September and again in January. We also have external bursaries, which are not part of our internal application process. Some are based on faculty nominations, administered by external organizations, and/or via mandated assistance programs etc. Please check with your campus Financial Aid Officer to see what else you may be eligible for.

Proud to Be Northern $1000 Entrance Award – New First Year Students Starting Fall 2020

  • For domestic applicants only, enrolled Full Time.
  • For applicants to 2-yr or longer programs including BScN, Paramedic-Bridging, Pre-Service Firefighter and Mechanical Technician Welder Fitter.
  • $1000 if confirmed and deposit paid before May 1, 2020.
  • Will be applied to student account after Day 10 Second Semester. When paying, the $500 deposit is still required, student need pay their whole first semester, and then for second semester student need only pay the second semester fee minus the $1000.
  • If student is deemed as Part-Time, or as Withdrawn formally (documentation completed) or informally (no attendance, no appropriate documentation or communication) any time during first semester or second semester, regular full fees are due; the entrance award is forfeited.
  • Only one such award per person, a subsequent program enrolment does not qualify.

*Eligible programs for the $1000 Proud to be Northern Entrance Award – 2 and 3-year Diploma programs, BScN Degree, Pre-Service Firefighter and Mechanical Technician – Welding Fitter. A $500 registration deposit to your program is required by May 1, 2020 to be eligible. Registration deposits can be made online, at a Bank or Financial Institution or at your respective campus.

Online Bursary Application System
To access the online bursary application system, follow these instructions:
Winter 2020 Online Bursary Application Instructions – Word
Winter 2020 Online Bursary Application Instructions – PDF

To help you identify which bursaries you are eligible for and the steps required to ensure your application is complete, select the Online Bursary Application link from the list below. This will make things easier for you once you start your application. To begin your online bursary application go to the Online Bursary System.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Nicole Gingras, Development Officer at 705-235-7210 or gingrasn@northern.on.ca

Disclaimer: By applying for a Bursary/Scholarship from Northern College, I acknowledge that should I be the successful recipient, I will be receiving a T4A for the award.

Online Bursaries