Bursaries for Students

Northern College awards student bursaries during the fall and winter semesters at our campuses. The online bursary application system is opened for student applications during the first month (September and January) of the Fall and Winter semesters, and is closed on the last Friday of the month.

Note that we have other bursaries available that are NOT available for application via the Online Bursary Application Process. Some are based on faculty nominations, administered by external organizations, and/or via mandated assistance programs etc. Please check with your campus Financial Aid Officer to see what else you may be eligible for.

How to Apply for Bursaries – January 2016

From January 4th to January 31st, 2016 you can log in to the online bursary application system, following the instructions provided below.

Download and/or Print the Instructions

Word Version | PDF Version

If you are familiar with the Online Bursary Application process, and want to begin your application, visit https://storefront.northern.on.ca/Citrix/ncstoreWeb

Bursary List