Foundation Projects
Ontario Trust For Student Support (OTSS)

The Government of Ontario–Ministry of Training Colleges, and Universities has established an Ontario Trust for Student Support (OTSS) program. The purpose of this program is to encourage individuals or organizations in the private or public sector to contribute to permanent endowment funds in order to assist students with financial needs. Since a majority of students require student aid and will graduate with a burdensome debt, it is important to support our students with an expanded bursary/awards fund to help them defray costs.

With the establishment of an OTSS endowment, the Foundation is eligible to receive from the provincial government, dollar for dollar matching on donations for student endowments. Thus any contribution to the Foundation for OTSS will have double the impact in supporting student success. Enhance students' learning opportunities and facilitate their career goals by contributing through the OTSS program.

Coleman Township Project

  • growth in student population, program offerings, and industry partnerships has spurred economic growth in Northeastern Ontario
  • enrollment at Northern College is limited due to lack of space on campus
  • space is especially sparse in the form of laboratories and clinical teaching areas
  • facilities at Northern College can no longer support the endeavors that the students and staff at Northern College are capable of performing
  • if they could perform these tasks, Northern College’s niche of excellence could be greatly amplified
  • a strong partnership with Coleman Township, a municipality that encompasses the Town of Cobalt and is located approximately ten kilometers from the Haileybury Campus, exists

Due to this strong partnership, Northern College has secured a portion of land that could potentially range from two to five acres in area - it is not currently in use.

Northern College proposes the creation of a wildlife and environmental centre as the next phase of our continued growth and expansion, as it would provide exceptional laboratory space and clinical teaching environments for our students and faculty.

It is conservatively estimated that the Haileybury Campus infuses $3,000,000 annually into the local economy through its direct budget expenditures while students directly infuse an additional $4,250,000 into the economy on an annual basis

Successful campus expansion will ensure that resources continue to be invested in local business, that well-paying jobs with a knowledge-centered approach will remain in the region, and that the ability to expand on current strengths exists through the creation of new capacity.

This centre will help to relieve the economic pressures that continue to threaten the viability of rural and remote Ontario, and will impede the ability of the region to compete on the world stage by:

  • Recruiting permanent and visiting talent to the region to conduct applied research
  • Drawing other organizations from south to north to both observe and conduct research
  • Increasing the amount of tourism in the area, as the centre could potentially provide day camps / eco-camp retreats
  • Providing a site to be used by the community, whether in the form of trails, observation areas, etc.
  • Creating customized training and workforce upgrading programs that will cater to addressing the competitive deficiencies of industry in the region
  • Affirming the District of Temiskaming as a seat of excellence in Environmental and Life Sciences and as a hub with the capacity for meaningful applied research opportunities
  • Sustaining a vibrant campus location with a state-of-the-art practical teaching facility that is premier in animal care and scientific advancement
  • Carving out a further niche in the realms of Wildlife Rehabilitation, Mining, and Natural Resource programs.

- This center will help to mitigate population decline and skilled out-migration by moving from dialogue to real action
- This centre will shore up Northern College as an establishment of science and expertise and will increase opportunities for retaining residents of all demographics
- Through this expansion, knowledge and training will diversify the region and will allow for new scopes of experiential learning
- Generally, the centre will provide great resources for both students at Northern College, as well as the community, allow for the creation of more partnerships with Northern College and support job creation and job growth

CTV Campaign

For over forty years, Northern College has been committed to the advancement of Northern Ontario through the production of skilled, successful, determined graduates prepared to enter the workforce. These graduates are trained under the basis of Northern College’s community-focused mission, which relies on a close relationship between the College and local business and industry. It is this partnership that makes Northern College’s valuable and unique learning environment possible.

Keeping a vision of community in mind, Northern College is putting forward a publicity initiative to celebrate Northern College’s past and present learners. The goal of this initiative is to contact business and industry within Northern Ontario to determine where our graduates are employed currently, or where they have been employed in the past. This will help us to resolve not only where our graduates are today, but also the impact that our graduates have had on the community. We will be working in partnership with CTV in this multifaceted operation that will involve the creation of a commercial featuring several well-known establishments within the north asserting their commitment to the hiring of Northern College graduates. It will also serve as a print campaign, as establishments within the North that hire Northern Graduates will display a window decal stating “Northern College at Work”. The launch date of our initiative is September 2008.

Our goal here at the Northern College Alumni Association is to build a sense of accomplishment in the community for our students, to celebrate the capacity of the North and to strengthen our northern community. This campaign will visually prove what we already know: that Northern College graduates are not only successful, but are making a huge impact in the Northern Ontario workforce. The initiative will highlight the strong link between Northern College and local industry. This initiative will additionally allow us to reconnect with our alumni so we can tangibly see the successes of our graduates.

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