Global Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology

Program Description
The acceleration of technology will continue to transform how organizations operate and how individuals in the economy interact to create value. The skill set needed by business professionals in the age of digital transformation is the focus of the two-year Diploma program on Global Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (GBET). Knowledge and skills from these three specialty areas will enable graduates to assume key roles in business management and new venture creations.

The first year of the two-year diploma program begins with the Business Fundamentals certificate courses, which form the common core of all Northern College’s Business programs. In the second year of the program students will begin their specialty studies in the programs three specialty areas. Student having completed the business fundamentals program may complete the second year of the GBET program to earn their diploma.

Employment Opportunities
Successful graduates of the Global Business Entrepreneurship Technology (GBET) program
are employed in both the private and public sectors as agents of digital transformation. They also succeed as entrepreneurs, leaders and planners of startups and technology ventures.