Indigenous Services

Wachey! Welcome!

Northern College encourages and welcomes all cultural events and activities on and off campus. A number of events and activities are planned throughout the year to celebrate Indigenous Traditions and Teachings. Our goals are to:

  • Share Indigenous culture across campus activities and in the classroom
  • Assist students with funding applications
  • Support and enhance your college experience
  • Programs and Services

    Indigenous Advising
    Indigenous Advisors are available to meet with all students for any questions or needs you may have. Indigenous Advisors create a welcoming environment and ensure students are supported throughout the course of their college experience.

    Indigenous Friendship Lounge
    The Friendship Lounge is a welcoming place for you to socialize, study, and lounge. It is equipped with a coffee machine, microwave, tables, chairs, couches, computers and printers.

    Cultural Spaces
    All campus locations have cultural spaces used for gathering, celebrating, healing and sharing. In additional to canvas tipis at each campus, our Timmins Campus is home to Mamawi Kee Kee Nao, a unique permanent tipi where cultural events are hosted throughout the year. The tipi can also be used to meet with the Elder, smudge and be together.

    Elders on Campus
    Elders are here for anyone who would like to gain traditional knowledge, support and guidance. Elders are historians, advisors, counsellors, spiritual guides and healers who act as teachers. They safeguard traditional knowledge through transmission of culture and language. Elders are available to all students.

    Indigenous Students and OSAP Eligibility
    Indigenous Student OSAP Bursary Information
    First Nations OSAP Handbook

  • Upcoming Cultural Events

    Annual Traditional Powwow
    To be announced.

Campus Contacts
  • Monique Lafond
    Kirkland Lake Campus
    705-567-9291 ext. 3626

    Haileybury Campus
    705.672.3376 ext. 8849

  • Joseph Nakogee
    Timmins Campus
    705-235-3211 ext. 2233

    Willard Small
    Moosonee Campus
    705-336-2913 ext. 5603