Aboriginal Cycle of Learning

The following will offer an added – and with a bit of luck – a thought‐provoking perspective on the cycle of learning experienced by many of our Aboriginal learners. I am hoping that staff will come away with an enriched understanding of the Aboriginal perspective on the learning process. This blog blends Michael Johnny’s book (with foreword by Diane Hill) Native Learning Styles, which is published by the Ningwakwe Learning Press with my teaching experiences and some of the findings from the Aboriginal curriculum project. This blog draws together these aspects in an attempt to present to you a more complete picture of the spiritual and emotional dimensions of learning as experienced by many of Northern College’s Aboriginal students. In addition, I am hoping that you will see more clearly why having things like the Friendship Lounge, contact with elders, and strong cultural identity are critical to the well being of the Aboriginal person’s learning spirit. Finally, I am hoping to show the relevance of embedding life from our Aboriginal communities into course content and why this can make a world of difference to our Aboriginal learners.

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