Intro to Aboriginal Postsecondary Education Framework

In early March of this year, the Ontario government released its Aboriginal Postsecondary Education Framework, which outlines how it will close the educational achievement and attainment gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal learners. According to the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities, this framework sets out its part of its foundation for Ontario’s Aboriginal education strategy. For example, the government is recognizing that education is holistic for Aboriginal learners and the MCTU is seeking to have postsecondary institutions build in this unique and diverse perspective into its public postsecondary institutions. This document provides direction to all involved with Aboriginal training, and it sets out goals, key principles to follow, and strategic direction for us as a College. What is interesting to me about this framework is that it supports and validates much of what we are beginning to do here at Northern College. To save you time, I’ve condensed the original document to capture key points that are particularly important to us and those involved directly in Aboriginal training and education.

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