Spring Goose Hunt

As you are reading this, many Cree hunters, from youngsters to grandfathers, are currently engaged wholesale NFL jerseys in their annual spring hunt, which usually lasts for about two weeks from the mid part of April to its Children end. This special time of year has many families gathering together, sometimes for the first time since last wholesale MLB jerseys year’s spring hunt. The profound importance of this time of year is best recognized when you understand that family members Gainward travel great distances in order to share this time with their families and practice wholesale NFL jerseys this important tradition.

Typically, spring camps dot the coastline of James Bay or they are inland on the frozen muskeg, anywhere from next door to the communities or as distant as 120 km away. Families will travel to their camps either by snow machine, March if there is still snow on the ground, or by helicopter. Many camps are best described as semi-permanent, where a tent frame is covered either with a prospector’s tent or a plastic tarp. Heated by woodstoves, these single-room structures can range in size from 12 X 14 feet to 20 X 24 feet, depending on the size of the family.

The early part of the morning is often when the geese ‘fly’; however, usually there is a period of 3-5 days that is really good because the honkers are actively migrating. Most hunters do not use mechanical goose calls; instead they naturally call in geese using their own voices. In fact, when several hunters are calling together, you can not distinguish between hunter and goose! I still remember when I saw my friends call in several geese to land on the baseball diamond’s outfield during an exhibition game, much to the hoot of all of us. As a side note, for those cheap nfl jerseys of you who are curling Music fans, you may remember hearing several goose calls at the Olympics in Vancouver or at a Brier/Scott Tournament curling event; that young lady was Phoebe Sutherland, from Moose Factory.