Information Systems Business Analysis (B305S-PC)

Program Title – Information Systems Business Analysis

Program Description
Practically all businesses depend on Information Technology. There is a growing need for companies to understand and strategically manage huge quantities of information allowing them to grow and maintain a competitive edge in industry. This has created a need for professionals with knowledge skill sets in both the business and technology fields individuals who can turn a vision into a reality. Computers, the Internet, wireless communications, databases are all forms of information technology which are used to collect, analyze, and share information. Information systems management examines how this technology can be used effectively in a constantly changing business environment. The Information Systems Business Analysis program (ISBA) will help you develop critical skills in areas such as: application software, business data analysis and modeling, customer engagement management, business processes, enterprise resource planning, and communications. A fundamental part of the post-graduate ISBA is the opportunity for experiential learning integrated with in program. Students will have the opportunity to engage in the practice of business analysis for information technology (IT) by working through case studies and industry projects.

Employment Opportunities exist with in the Business or Technology sectors as: business or management information systems analysts, or information technology professionals. Work for banks, manufacturing, businesses within the private or the public service sector.

Contact Information

Timmins Campus
Rose-Marie Deacon, Program Coordinator
Tel: 705-235-3211 ext. 2243