Applied Research

Applied Research provides superior experiential learning opportunities for students, embraces collaborative partnerships with our industry and community stakeholders, and delivers (meaningful) real world solutions that stimulate social and economic growth in our region and beyond. The AREI Department serves as a gateway or “One Stop Shop” for external partners seeking to work with the College on applied research and for internal employees seeking to utilize their research skills.

Entrepreneur Centre

The Entrepreneur Centre we’re here to help you transform your dreams of being your own boss into the real thing:

  • Entrepreneurship awareness activities
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Referrals to our extensive network of partners

Research Report

Northern College in Partnership with Northern Policy Institute: Examining Ourselves – Becoming the College of Choice for Indigenous People

Applied Research Project Application​

If you are a Student, Faculty or Staff Member interested in being part of a project OR a Community or Business interested in research and development Please contact AREI at

Northern College has met the eligibility requirements of the following agencies: NSERG

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