Introduction to Excel

Program Length: Duration 2 Days

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Creating a worksheet with formulas and charts:

• Describe the Excel worksheet
• Enter text and numbers
• Use the AutoSum button to sum a range of cells
• Copy and cell to a range of cells using the fill handle
• Format a worksheet
• Center and merge cells
• Use AutoFormat option
• Use the Name Box
• Use AutoCalculate Area
• Clear and Delete cells
• Use Help
• Create a 3-D Clustered column chart
• Save a workbook and print a worksheet
• Enter formulas using the keyboard and Point mode
• Apply the Average, Max and Min function
• Add conditional formatting to a range of cells
• Use Range Finder
• Change the width of a column and height of a row
• Add Color
• Use and format dates
• Use border feature
• Apply Currency and floating Dollar sign
• Apply a Percent Style Format
• Check the spelling of a worksheet
• Display and print the formulas version of a worksheet
• Rename sheets in a workbook
• Preview how a printed copy of the worksheet will look
• Print a section of worksheet only
• Fit the printout on one page

There will be hands-on practice exercises in class.

This course requires a minimum number of participants. Please contact us should you wish to set up a training date or would like to request further information.

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