Keeping Me Well: Achieving Work – Life Balance

Program Length
Duration 1 Day (8 Hours)

Learning Objectives
• The definition of work-life balance.
• Steps to effectively evaluate their current life.
• How to clearly draft work and life goals.
• Effective coping strategies and mechanisms
• How to identify obstacles and cut out waste.
• Strategies when it comes to letting go.
• Tips to prevent stress.

Course Benefits
• Examine their current work-life balance.
• Reflect on their values and goals and how these can be incorporated into everyday life.
• Gain reflection skills in order to identify obstacles to achieving balance, and discover ways of overcoming them.
• Appreciate the value of personal stress management and the need to look out for “Number One”.

Target Audience
Front line personnel as well as new and/or current supervisors/managers would benefit from this course.

Cost: $226.00 (HST included)