Leadership Development Series

Develop and enhance your leadership skills to work successfully in today’s challenging, competitive and dynamic environment.

Set yourself apart with Northern’s Leadership Development Series Certificate program which covers a wide range of topics and focuses on enhancing leadership, critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.

Intakes every September, January and May.


NO-LD3852 – Leading Responsibly
NO-LD5102 – Project Management
NO-LD2302 – Employment Law
NO-LD1152 – Communications
NO-LD4602 – Managing Change
NO-LD3102 – Leading Teams
NO-LD5402 – Finance
NO-LD2452 – Performance Management
NO-LD4352 – Creative & Critical Thinking
NO-LD1202 – Human Relations

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Phone: 705-235-3211 ext 2183
Fax: 705-235-7279