Learning Innovation and Technology

The “Learning Excellence and Innovation Department” (LEID) has been rebranded as “Learning Innovation and Technology” (LIT).  The LIT department now represents the combination of Academic Learning and Teaching and Northern’s Information Technology department

Important information for faculty and staff

Migration to Windows 10 and Office 2016 to commence in May 2018.
Lynda.com access is now available to all staff and students at Northern College!
Blackboard LMS testing issues continue.
A 10X increase in internet connectivity.
Wireless network will double in capacity.
New touch screen monitors to be installed at all instructor podiums.
Digital Competency Framework, first draft is available

Need a refresher on Faculty Connect or can’t remember how to enter your final grades? Download the Faculty Connect User Guide here

Migration to Windows 10 and Office 2016 to commence in May 2018
In keeping with the software available to all students studying at the college, and recent announcements from Microsoft that support for Windows 7 and Office 2013 will soon be discontinued, Northern College has initiated a project  (through the IT department) to update the software on all College owned computers.  All lab computers will have their OS and MS Office applications upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and from Office 2013 to Office 2016.  All new laptops and desktops purchased by the College for deployment to staff or faculty will be configured with Windows 10 and Office 2016.

Beginning on May 1st, Faculty and staff currently using desktops or laptops with the older Windows 7 and Office 2013 applications may schedule an appointment with campus based IT support to have the upgrades applied to their devices.  The targeted completion date for this project currently stands at December 2018, however faculty and staff wishing to stay with the  current Windows 7 / Office 2013 software package will be able to do so for the 18/19 academic year with the understanding that all upgrades must be completed by May  15th, 2019.

Want to get started learning Windows 10 and Office 2016?  Access the online Lynda.com training videos listed below.  just click on the link and log in with your Northern College access.  If you do not yet have a Lynda.com account set up, see the Lynda.com paragraph below and follow that link to set up your account

Lynda.com access is now available to all staff and students at Northern College!
All Northern College faculty, staff and students have free access to Lynda.com, a self-service video based training site.  Lynda.com offers an on-demand customized learning experience that features instructional content relevant to the learner’s professional interests and goals.  Faculty at Northern College may select certain courses or select video’s to augment course materials provided to students.


  • 24/7 access to thousands of up-to-date business, creative and technology skills training videos designed for desktop and mobile learning
  • Unlimited access to more 5,000 video tutorials in various topics
  • Helpful resources like quizzes, exercise files and coding practice windows to reinforce learning.
  • Resources to assist and reinforce learning
  • Receive a certificate of completion that you can share electronically or post on your LinkedIn profile.

Already have your Lynda.com account setup? Log in now at:

or, set up your account now using your Northern College email address at:

Click here for more information about Lynda.com

Blackboard LMS testing issues continue
Since January of 2018, faculty and students using the testing and quiz feature within Blackboard have experienced difficulties with the submission of short answer responses to questions requiring direct text input.  Some students have been experiencing issues where the short answer responses do not save properly and/or produce errors when submitting.  Northern College’s IT department has raised the issue with Blackboard (the company) and are now meeting twice weekly with Blackboard’s own support team to try and resolve this issue.

The folks at Blackboard have informed us that their own internal testing has identified a software bug in the current release of Blackboard and they promise they are working hard to find a fix.  The IT department at Northern College appreciates your continued patience with this and they have made it very clear to the folks at Blackboard that the current situation is not acceptable.

A 10X increase in internet connectivity
In mid April of 2018, your IT department completed a project that has resulted in Northern College’s connection to vast portions of the internet increase by a factor of 10.  the College’s connectivity to Google, YouTube, and most other Colleges and Universities in Canada is now at 1 gigabit and to the internet at large we are at 500MB.  For the last ten years, the College has been restricted to 100MB to the internet and between the PC campus, Kirkland Lake and Haileybury.  The recent increases will show dramatic improvement in the quality of our campus to campus video links, and in our access to the internet.

Wireless network will double in capacity
Beginning in May of 2018 and extending through the summer, the number of wireless access points distributed across the campuses of Northern College will double.  This project in combination with the recent enhancements to the Colleges overall internet connectivity will significantly increase the ability for wireless capable laptops and mobile devices to connect to the Colleges network and the internet.

New touch screen monitors to be installed at all instructor podiums
All monitors located on instructor podiums located in classrooms throughout the campuses of Northern College will be upgraded this summer to new high resolution touch screen monitors. These monitors will allow faculty to use the drawing and annotation tools built into PowerPoint to draw emphasis to certain points, write out equations, or sketch drawings. In addition all podiums will now have desktop computers with Windows 10, Office 2016, and Ink2Go software installed. The Ink2Go software will allow faculty to use the touch screen monitors as if they were whiteboard, and make direct in class recordings of material being presented. Online training and “how to” instructional sheets are being prepared and will be made available soon.