Learning Excellence and Innovation

Migration to Windows 10 and Office 2016 to commence in May 2018

In keeping with the software available to all students studying at the college, and recent announcements from Microsoft that support for Windows 7 and Office 2013 will soon be discontinued, Northern College has initiated a project  (through the IT department) to update the software on all College owned computers.  All lab computers will have their OS and MS Office applications upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and from Office 2013 to Office 2016.  All new laptops and desktops purchased by the College for deployment to staff or faculty will be configured with Windows 10 and Office 2016.

Beginning on May 1st, Faculty and staff currently using desktops or laptops with the older Windows 7 and Office 2013 applications may schedule an appointment with campus based IT support to have the upgrades applied to their devices.  The intent is that by by December 2018, all College owned computers will have received the upgrade.

Lynda.com access is now available to all staff and students at Northern College!
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The Learning Excellence and Innovation Department, or LEID, offers a wide range of online training and resources to assist in and out of the classroom. The primary goal of the department is to foster relationships and provide tools that empower employees to create richer learning environments. Northern College strives to incorporate the most relevant, pedagogically-sound tools for both faculty and students to help build understanding, enrich the learning experience, and support our goal of providing accessible education for all our communities.