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Online Synchronous Document Creation:

These easy-to-use tools offer synchronous web-based word processing that can be offered immediately (no sign-up required). When you get to the sites, just click on the Create New Document or Create Public Pad button, then provide the link to the document to students or co-workers and begin to type live in the same document. You can save and export your document in many formats. The Time Slider link in the top right corners allows you to watch how the document evolved.

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Mind Mapping

Get your ideas charted out in a visual format with these easy-to-use online brainstorming and organizational tools. This flash-based mind mapping tools allows you to chart out your thoughts in a colorful format, share them with friends or embed them in blogs, websites and emails.

Free Mind: Mind mapping is easy and free with this Java tool. You’ll be able to manage your class notes, lay out a paper and more completely online.

WiseMapping: You can access your mind maps from anywhere with this online tool. You can lay out words, pictures, ideas and more easily with WiseMapping.

Mindomo: Premium versions of this mind mapping tool come at a cost, but you can get access to the basic version for free. It allows you to add links, pictures and text to mind maps and share them over the net.

DeepMehta: This mind mapping tool is built around the idea of knowledge management and cognitive psychology. The open source tool allows sharing, emailing and even contains an embedded calendar.

MindMeister: Collaborate with your Mind42: The name of this tool represents “for two”, and is indicative of the collaborative nature of this mapping tool. It can make it easy to keep track of your ideas, share them with friends and teachers and take them with you no matter where you are.

RecallPlus: Students can organize their notes, create flashcards, make use of 3D tools and more in this great mind mapping tool.

Mapul: This mind mapping program has basic and premium levels and allows users to map not only text but images and hyperlinks as well.

CMapTools: CMapTools is free for students to use and allows them to create and share all kinds of knowledge maps.

Thinkature: This site allows real-time collaboration on flow charts, diagrams and mind maps with features that include color organization and freehand drawing.

Other resources websites:

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