Lesson Plans

If there is one part of teaching that can and will make your life easier, it is lesson planning.

Initially lesson planning takes patience, discipline, reflection, and time. However, the payoff is great: a clearly structured lesson that is easy for you to deliver, and for your students to follow. Plus, it helps that you are less likely to experience that terrifying moment in front of a class where you can’t remember what comes next!

There are lots of resources to help you out. Start by checking to see if your course has been taught before, and if there are existing plans from which you can build. On this page, you will find great resources and templates you can use to make this task a lot easier!

Developing the Lesson Plan
A lesson plan is a plan for learning. As is true in most activities, the quality of planning affects the quality of results. Successful executives and professional people know that the price of excellence is careful preparation. A lawyer spends hours planning a case before appearing in court. A minister does not ad-lib a sermon but plans days or weeks in advance. In anticipation of the big game, the coach spends hours planning the plays and watching the team execute them. Should we attempt such a complicated process as learning with less attention than is given to other important activities? The answer is obvious: of course not. The effective instructor devotes much time and energy in carefully planning and preparing each lesson, whether the lesson encompasses one or several periods of instruction.

Preparing Lesson Plans
This job aid is designed to help you prepare effective lesson plans. It will:

  • provide brief guidelines for planning each stage of a lesson
  • select appropriate teaching techniques
  • provide sample templates that are useful for planning lessons

Lesson Planning
A PDF document that outlines the considerations and strategies commonly used to develop organized and clear lesson plans.

Lesson Plan Template
A PDF template you can adapt for your own lesson planning needs.

NEW! Editable lesson plan templates!

Lesson Plan Version 1

Lesson Plan Version 2

Lesson Plan Version 3