Introduction to the Northern College Network

The Northern College network, also known as Citrix, is where all common programs and applications reside.

When you receive your official teaching assignment, you will also be issued a username and password that allows you access to our network both onsite and remotely.

Programs such as the Microsoft Office Suite, MIS Access, Blackboard, Student Services, Help Desk, Noraction and more, are all available from this connection. If you experience problems connecting to the network, please contact your local Information or Learning Technologist for assistance.

Accessing and Using the College Computer Network (All Employees)

General Orientation & Network Access (All Employees)

Managing the Teaching and Learning Environment (For Faculty)

Faculty Connect (For Faculty & Support Staff as necesary)

Employee Connect (For All Employees)

Northern College uses the Microsoft Office Suite products. Currently we are running the latest version of Office 2013. There are numerous resources available to help you become better versed with the most commonly used programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.

Need a Refresher?
MICROSOFT WORD Online Training Resources

MICROSOFT EXCEL Online Training Resources

MICROSOFT POWERPOINT Online Training Resources