Essential Technology Skills

Key to success of Northern College’s Digital Strategy will be the provision of professional development and training opportunities for students, support staff, faculty and administrative employees at the College. All College staff must be afforded the opportunity to develop strong digital skills and awareness of emerging technologies matched to the College’s expectations on the digital and technology competencies required for successful business, teaching and learning processes.

In consideration that the Colleges Digital Competencies Framework is  related to an employee’s ability to effectively use or navigate software packages, educational technologies or social media platforms, a series of Technology Skills Inventory Checklists havebeen created that outline some of the common applications in use at Northern College. Depending on the role of an employee or the specific job functions associated with their position some of the applications listed in the inventory checklist may be not be applicable to each employee. In addition, other applications not included on the checklist may be necessary to master.

MS Word Self Assessment checklist

MS PowerPoint Self Assessment checklist

MS Excel Self Assessment Checklist