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Would you believe that distance education delivery has existed since the 1800’s?

In the 1840’s, Sir Isaac Pitman taught shorthand through correspondence delivery by mailing texts to students on postcards and then returning them with their corrections.

We have certainly come a long way from there!

This page will offer some general resources to support you in the growth of your distance delivery expertise!

Contact North’s Research Associate Tony Bate’s website has a variety of distance delivery resources.

NEW FROM CONTACT NORTH!  Open Textbook Provides a Ground-Breaking Teaching Resource for Faculty and Instructors

Teaching in a Digital Age is a great resource for all faculty and instructors, especially as online learning and new technologies become an integral part of all teaching. The digital age is being embraced by colleges and universities around the world and bringing with it a new pedagogy delivered by emerging technology. With this technology, our education systems become more affordable and flexible, providing a better learning experience for students…

To learn more, please see the English and French document versions below.

2015-04-29 Open Textbook – April 2015 EN

2015-04-29 Open Textbook – April 2015 EN

2015-04-29 Open Textbook – April 2015 FR

NEW!  Free e-book!

Adding some tec-variety – 100+ activities for motivating and retaining learners online.