Teaching Online

With nearly 7 million students taking at least one online course, understanding best practices for teaching online is critical!  For some of you, you may be moving from in-class to on-line for the very first time.  We are here to help!

There are many myths about teaching online. One of them being that you merely have to take your in-class content and copy it online.  This is definitely a myth!  We call this “shovelware” which means that one “shovels” the content from one platform to another which in your case would be taking all of your course notes and content, picking  it up with a shovel, and “plopping” it into the online environment.   A traditional in-class course cannot be “copied and pasted”.  The goal is of creating an online course is to make it engaging for both you and your students.

We don’t want to scare you though; taking an in-class course and putting online is not difficult, and can actually be a fun experience!  Fun?  Yes, and we are here to help you along the way.

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