Learning Technology

Timmins Campus:

While officially a member of the IT department in Timmins, Angela is your ‘go-to-gal’ for any questions you might have with learning technology. Have a question about Blackboard Learn or Collaborate? Ask Angela! Even though she is located on the Timmins campus, Angela can help anyone on any campus. With screen sharing capabilities, she can connect to your computer and assist with whatever gremlin seems to be bothering you!

Contact Angela Bourgeois at bourgeoisa@northern.on.ca or at 705-235-3211 extension 2154.

Kirkland Lake / Haileybury Campus:

Roseanne Clyburn is the learning technologist for the Kirkland Lake and Haileybury campuses. Like Angela, she can help you setup a Blackboard course or give you pointers on how to effectively engage e-classroom technology! Roseanne also wears the hat of professor and coordinator so you may need to send her an email to get in touch. Whenever Roseanne isn’t available, feel free to contact Angela for assistance.

Contact Roseanne Clyburn at clyburnr@northern.on.ca or at 705-672-3376 extension 8822.

 Faculty Support

Mary Anne is a professor in the Tech and Trade department at the Timmins campus. However, her superpowers extend beyond just the classroom. Mary Anne works directly with the Learning Excellence and Innovation Department providing direction and insight on faculty needs and support.

As one of ten trained ISW facilitators, Mary Anne can provide teaching and learning support from a pedagogical perspective. She has experience teaching both online and face-to-face and has successfully taught some of the most challenging courses such as math and communications! Track her down if you are looking for ways to help engage your students, structure delivery or just want to chat about how your classes are going.

If you have any questions or suggestions, click on the banner below to contact Mary-Anne,


Don’t want to submit a question, contact her directly churchm@northern.on.ca or at extension 2101