The Amazing Math Race – Pi Day Event

Celebrate International Pi Day by participating in The Amazing Math Race at the Timmins Campus on Wednesday, March 14, 2018. The race begins at the H-Wing Student Study Area and runs between 12 pm and 3 pm.


  • 1st Place: Lenovo 64GB Tablet and GitUp Action Camera Kit
  • 2nd Place: $50 gift card ($25 for each team member)
  • Door Prize: HP Sprocket Photo Printer
  • … and pie for each participant!

Registration information:

  • The race is capped at 50 teams of 2 participants
  • Early birds are guaranteed an event t-shirt
  • College staff and faculty are welcome to participate; however, only students are eligible to win prizes
  • Register by emailing or in person at Room F142

See full participant rules and race instructions below.

The Amazing Race Pie Day Event Poster

Participant Rules

  1. No calculators, cell phone, or any electronic devices are allowed. Any calculations will be done with paper and pencil provided. Teams who use such devices will be eliminated from the race.
  2. Teams will not sabotage or help out other team members. All teams run their own race fairly while respecting other team members. Teams caught cheating will be eliminated from the race.
  3. Delay in line-ups is part of the game. Teams will not be able to appeal their time, or ask for extra time due to long line-ups at a challenge.
  4. In the event of a tie for First or Second Place, the team with the least number of penalties will rank above the others. If this still results in a tie, then the team who registered first will rank above the others.
  5. Each team is responsible to have their score sheet with them at all times and ensure that it is filled out by the race Clue Masters. If the score sheet is lost, or fraudulent, the team will be eliminated from the race.
  6. Teams must attempt a challenge three times before deciding to abandon and move on to the next challenge. If the challenge is still not completed after three attempts, the team can move on to the next challenge, but will be given a 5-minute penalty.
  7. However, at one of the challenges, teams will only have one attempt, but each wrong answer will result in a 2-minute penalty.

Race Instructions

  1. All teams will begin and end the race at the Student Study Area in the H-wing. This is a timed event, so you must check in in order to start your time and receive your first ‘Route Info’ card.
  2. You will have to complete five challenges, which will test your numeracy skills, at different locations throughout the college listed on the ‘Route Info’ card: ‘Route Info’ cards will lead you from one location to the next after completing a challenge.
  3. If a team cannot complete the challenge on the first attempt, they must proceed to the end of the line and wait their turn at another attempt. At most challenges, you must try the challenge three times before abandoning, only then will the Clue Master give you a penalty. If you decide to leave the challenge before your three attempts, you must forfeit the race.
  4. A challenge may be a Detour. A Detour requires the team to complete one of two tasks. A team are allowed to switch tasks if they are unsuccessful at the first one.
  5. A challenge may be a Roadblock. A Roadblock is a challenge that only one person can perform (if your team has two participants). Choose well since you will not be able to switch participants in the middle of the challenge.
  6. After each challenge, the Clue Masters will fill out and sign the team’s ‘Task Completion’ sheet and will provide you with the next ‘Route Info’ card.
  7. The Pit Stop is the final destination of the race. This is where your total time will be calculated, including all penalties.