Distance Education and the Mining Engineering Technician Program

The Mining Engineering Technician program is designed to allow a student to study at a distance. Students enroll in the program much the same way a student on-site would, however they study and complete the majority of the program off campus.

Course Materials
Once you are registered as a student you will receive your first package of course materials. These materials may include textbooks, study guides, audio/video supports, and more depending on the course. Many of the traditional lectures from the classroom have been converted to video files with voice-over features that allow you to experience the material in much the same fashion as you would on campus.

In the introductory material you will be introduced to the individual courses, objectives, and policies associated with studying at a distance. As a distance student you will have the same access to your professor as your on-site classmates. Communication is facilitated via Blackboard, e-mail, fax, telephone and virtual classrooms.

Assignments are submitted via mail, email, or electronically depending on the requirements.

Lecture Samples
This course has been developed to offer the distance student an experience that is as close as possible to the classroom, lecture-based model which is comfortable and familiar for most people. While reading textbooks and materials is part of the program, many of the key concepts, skills, and tasks are further explained and expanded upon with custom-designed video components. These “voiced-over” Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and/or audio files are one of the unique features of this distance course you won’t find in many other programs.

In fact, the addition of these videos has proven to be so well received by students that many on-site courses are using them to offer students the ability to review material, “attend” missed lectures, and support a wide variety of learning styles. This means you have the luxury of pausing, rewinding, and reviewing many of your unit lessons as often you need. This results in increased understanding, better test scores, and more confidence.

If you find you still have questions you can easily access your professor or classmates via phone, email, or live messaging (during select office hours). This learning couldn’t be more flexible because it is designed with you in mind! Find out what redefined learning means to you and how we can make your educational experience better than you could have imagined.

Sample Video Lecture 1

On Site Requirements
The majority of your studies can be completed at a distance, however there are many practical, hands-on components that also form part of the curriculum. For these components, students are required to travel to the Haileybury campus for “Field School” where they will complete these requirements. There will be one session in the winter/spring semester. The session usually runs from two to three weeks at a time. Students are responsible for securing their own accommodations during these times, however, a housing list is provided. For students who are concerned about direct teacher contact, please inquire about the on-site study option.

Frequently Asked Questions
When does the Mining Engineering Technician Program begin?
Both the distance intake and the on-site enrollments occur each fall semester and most often at the beginning of each winter semester. Remember that not all courses are offered in all semesters.

Is the course content the same for both distance learning and on-site learning?
Yes. Students work through the same information when studying at a distance or if attending on-site classes. Each course is structured into modules and units that allows student to progress through the material in an orderly fashion while obtaining the same objectives.
As a distance student how do I hand in assignments or ask questions of my professors?

Distance students have access to their professors in much the same ways as do the on-site students. You can contact them as needed via phone, fax, email, and Blackboard. Depending on the requirements, assignments can be submitted electronically or via mail.
What level of computer skills do I need to be successful in the distance program?

Students should be able to comfortably use email, navigate websites, and produce basic word processing documents (MS Word etc.). You will be trained specifically on how to use Blackboard which is the course management software that is part of the program.

Do I need access to a computer and the Internet to complete the distance studies?
It is assumed the student will have periodic to regular access to a computer with internet capabilities. While a large majority of the courses may be completed on paper and via mail, there are some electronic components that require computer access.

There are times when I won’t have access to a computer due to work or travel. Will this be a problem?
The program has been designed to include the largest degree of flexibility as possible. We recognize that full-time access to technology is not always possible for all students. If this situation arises, inform your professors and they will make arrangements to accommodate these specific considerations.

Who is the program intended for?
The two-year mining engineering technology diploma is intended for a broad audience of learners. Our student body frequently include high school graduates, mature learners, industry workers and more.

Is this program eligible for OSAP or financial assistance?
This program is subject to the same guidelines and considerations for financial assistance as any other program we offer. You may be eligible for OSAP or funding. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for further details about your specific application and situation.

Can I complete all of the program requirement by distance?
No. You will need to travel to the Haileybury campus in the spring semester(s) to complete the hands-on lab components necessary for the program requirements.
Is accommodation provided in Haileybury for the on-site components?

The student will need to make their own arrangements for accommodation during the on-site intensives, however the college can provide a housing list of potential contacts.

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