Indigenous Council on Education

Northern College’s vision is success for our northern communities through learning and partnerships. Our mission is to work with all of our communities to ensure quality, accessible education through innovative programs, services and partnerships.

Northern College:

  • Recognizes the rights of Indigenous employees, students, clients and communities to practice their culture and to work and live as Indigenous people.
  • Acknowledges and respects the uniqueness of each of the Indigenous communities served by the College including the differences that flow from traditional economies, as well as economic prospects for the future; the practice of spiritual beliefs; language spoken in the home, classroom and workplace; social issues; and aspirations for the future.
  • Acknowledges and respects the unique world view of the Aboriginal communities it serves and their corresponding holistic view of education.

The Northern College Indigenous Council on Education acts as a voice for the Indigenous community and a leader in ensuring that the education needs of the Indigenous community are identified, addressed, evaluated, and assessed.

Visit The Indigenous website for more information.