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NCSA is a Proud Member of the College Student Alliance

The College Student Alliance (CSA) is a member-driven association, representing student-governing bodies at community colleges across Ontario.

Established in 1975 as a non-profit, non-governmental organization, the CSA is the only dedicated, officially recognized voice for college students in the province. This official status enables the organization – and its members – to be represented on nearly every government committee and task force relating to post-secondary education in Ontario. By developing a partnership approach with the college, government and non-government sectors and by working closely with stakeholders on a range of issues, the Alliance effectively represents the interests of more than 100,000 full-time college students across Ontario.

The main purpose of the Alliance is to strengthen the role of student government in Ontario’s college system by coordinating the advocacy efforts of its members and providing leadership on key issues. Governed by the Membership and an elected Board, the CSA Secretariat carries out the everyday work of the organization by providing a range of support functions from its head office in Toronto. These include research and information on educational issues, policy analysis, communications, advocacy support, and links to government, colleges, and other stakeholder groups.

The Alliance also acts as an important source of information for its members and other organizations by publishing and distributing documents on key policy issues that affect students, colleges, and post-secondary education in Ontario. The Alliance works to keep members and student government officials informed by providing opportunities for learning and networking at conferences and regional meetings. Specific initiatives that the organization is currently involved with include:

Responding to student concerns about tuition fees
Keeping student associations and students informed about timely issues such as the provincial election and the potential faculty strike
Ensuring that the college student associations’ right to exist was included in the New Charter for Colleges of Applied Arts & Technology
Advocating for increased credit recognition and transferability for college students
Improving overall government funding to colleges
Implementing the recommendations of CSA’s strategic plan to improve organizational effectiveness and better respond to member priorities

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