Northern College Board Approves 2013-2014 Business Plan

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TIMMINS, ON: Northern College’s Board of Governors has approved the 2013-2014 Business Plan which will guide the college’s undertakings for the next academic year. This is the first business plan stemming from the recently released 2013-2016 Strategic Plan which came into effect on April 1st of this year. Northern College’s success as a hub of education, training, innovation and transformation in northeastern Ontario is driven by four priority objectives stated in the plan: Accessible Education, Signature Programs, the Northern Experience and Aboriginal Perspectives.

Through various initiatives, the college will focus on maximizing educational access, engagement and choice for our communities by integrating innovative program delivery methods and support services with technology; differentiating the institution by building a reputation as a world-class provider of unique and relevant programs; facilitating learner success by providing unique academic, social and real-world experiences while providing an environment that embraces continuous improvement and ongoing quality management; and continuously recognizing the Aboriginal worldview and its contribution to contemporary thinking by facilitating opportunities in which different perspectives are presented, valued and understood, preparing our learners for an increasingly diverse workplace.

“We are dedicated to the social and economic success of our communities. By facilitating greater access, distinguishing Northern from other academic institutions, focusing on the learner experience and becoming a champion of cross-cultural understanding, Northern College is well-positioned to become the college of choice,” said Fred Gibbons, President of Northern College. “The 2013-2014 Business Plan outlines initiatives highlighting the college’s commitment to providing quality education and training opportunities that are responsive to the needs of students, the regional labour market, and the greater community.”

Some of the plan’s initiatives include implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy, where the college network and software suites would be compatible and available through a student’s own and preferred device; leveraging distinct equipment and physical space in support of existing signature programs to offer a cluster of related programming and obtaining ministry approvals for new post-secondary programs; developing a plan to increase student satisfaction; integrating applied research projects and additional placement opportunities into program curriculum; implementing strategies to promote cultural competence at all campuses; and developing partnerships with local agencies to address the unique needs of our learners and communities.

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