Northern College Graduates Shine During Moosonee Convocation

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MOOSONEE, ON: Even a power outage could not stop Northern College graduates from shining. Last month, students, staff and faculty gathered at Northern College’s Moosonee Campus to honor the graduates from the Academic Career Entrance (ACE), Personal Support Worker, and Social Service Worker programs. Family and friends who supported their loved ones along the journey applauded the graduates’ success.

Twenty students who decided that higher education was important to them celebrated the adversity they have overcome to achieve their goals. Jessica Linklater, valedictorian for ACE spoke about the challenges she faced during the two years leading up to her achieving her grade 12 equivalency with Northern College.

“Personally, there have been many obstacles and struggles for myself while attending the ACE program. Being a full-time student and a mom was hard. I had to give up most of my free time to focus on my studies, maintain a household and be a mother to my boys. There were many times when I felt like giving up was the only option I had. My biggest motivations were the ones that called me mom because my education is for them. I want to give them the future that they deserve with many opportunities and dreams for them to chase,” said Linklater, who will be returning to Northern College this fall to pursue a Social Service Worker diploma

Prisiclla Laur, valedictorian for the graduating class addressed her fellow graduates with an inspirational speech and thanked Northern College staff for their support and help during her studies. “Life is a wonderful journey; a course that you set and determine by the choices you make each day,” said Laur.

Leading up to the presentation of certificates and diplomas, guest speaker Tim Robinson spoke eloquently about moving to the small communities of Moosonee and Moose Factory, and the uniqueness within the communities. He talked about the challenges and opportunity graduates will face in their chosen careers. “The learning will never stop but know that your mind has been prepared and trained for it. You can think on your feet. Head out into your next step knowing and remembering where you came from; how this place is unique, and strength in your life. Know that your careers are incredibly valuable to the communities and people in which you serve. We need you,” said Robinson.

During the ceremony, several students received the Tidewater Award. The Tidewater Award is presented to students who demonstrate commitment and dedication to their studies. Recipients of this award were Cheryl Gourley, Burton Sutherland, Christine Job, Jessica Katapaytuk and Priscilla Laur. Students achieving a 3.25 grade point average (GPA) or higher were honorably mentioned as they received their certificates and diplomas. Recipients achieving academic honors in their studies were Karen Hester, Adrienne Maybee, Clint Poonae, Jessie Gunner, Maria Gunner, Jessica Katapaytuk and Priscilla Laur.


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