Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)

Program Title – Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)

Program Codes
Program codes are for September intakes except those that are indicated differently.
NORT – H112 (PC) Timmins Campus
NORT – H152 (KL) Kirkland Lake
(Classes offered via video delivery)

Program Specific Information and Forms
Below are admission requirements and/or forms that have to be completed BEFORE the start of the semester or the date specified.
Requirements, Forms and/or Additional Information

Program Description
Nursing is a profession that provides opportunities for specialization, team work, leadership and personal growth. Nursing promotes partnerships with other health care professionals in caring for clients and families across the lifespan through a variety of health care settings. Northern College is one of the partners in the Laurentian University BScN Collaborative Program and, as part of this partnership with Laurentian University, our nursing students are able to complete all four years of the BScN program at Northern.

Northern’s Nursing program provides opportunities for students to practice nursing skills in state of the art nursing practice labs equipped with integrative simulation equipment. This latest technology will assist in preparing students for actual client care through simulated medical scenarios. Our nursing program also incorporates new technologies, such as specialized software packages and web-based tools, many of which are used in health-care settings. Learning experiences will be enhanced through cooperation and consultation with faculty and peers through shared activities. Northern also utilizes its on site Family Health Team clinic, to provide an excellent opportunity for nursing students to experience community-based nursing first hand while working within an interdisciplinary health care team.

Although we make every effort to accommodate your preference of clinical placement location, you should be aware that you may be placed in a community outside of the district or county where you currently reside. In any event, you are responsible for transportation to and from clinical agencies as well as any and all costs associated with the clinical placement. Also note that clinical days may include weekends and start/end times often occur outside of normal business hours.

NOTE:  Students who are unsuccessful in a course may be required to travel to a different campus to retake course(s) as deemed necessary for program completion.

Career Opportunities
Graduates may find employment in acute and long-term care agencies, public health, community agencies, doctors’ offices, clinics, mental health services, traveling health agencies and with individuals and/or families.

Contact Information
Tanya Spencer Cameron
Tel: 705-235-3211 ext. 2124 |

Joan Martin-Saarinen
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