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Project Management Certificate Program - Module Descriptions

Introduction to Project Management (45 hours)
To be successful in achieving his goals, the project manager must have the knowledge and skills to manage a project team. This introduction course gives an overall view on project management. The knowledge areas and the process groups will be covered as we go through the project life cycle. This course prepares the participants for the more intense areas of the program. Various workshops, report submissions, and team oriented practices, are some of the activities participants will have to complete to familiarize themselves with the terminology, the tools and the techniques used in project management.

Initiating Process Group (25 hours)
Project Management is comprised of five distinct process groups. When an organization starts a project, it is said to be in initiation. This course will teach the participants which processes are in the initiation and what inputs, tools and techniques and outputs are parts of this group. The participant will learn these through examples and case studies and workshops.

Planning Process Group (75 hours)
The outputs of initiation are the inputs to the planning of the project. A good plan is the key to the success of the project. At the end of this course the participant will have the knowledge necessary to use the tools and techniques needed to plan a project. Workshops, teams and case studies will be used as the learning approach. The participants will be introduced to MS Project.

Executing Process Group (25 hours)
It is time to deliver. With the planning completed the project manager must now ensure that all tasks are implemented as planned. Managing the execution means managing quality, risk, human resources procurement and ensuring stakeholder's expectations are met.

Monitoring and Controlling Process Group (45 hours)
The resources are doing the work. The project manager’s role is to monitor the work. When changes occur, the project manager must control these changes and integrate them in the project plan. With the input of his project team, he fine tunes the plan, he tracks performance, he modifies the plan, and he reports to stakeholders and management. Through workshops and case studies, the participants will acquire the understanding of the knowledge and the tools to monitor and control the project.

Closing Process Group (10 hours)
The project manager plays a key role in closing a project. All projects are required to go through a series of activities to be completed. The closing of the project involves a review of the deliverables to ensure that the product is delivered as expected. It prepares the team for future projects by going through a lesson learned process, and it is ultimately closed by the client’s acceptance of the deliverables.

Capstone Project (Managing a Real Project)
This course gives the participant the opportunity to acquire experience in project management. The participant must identify a project within his work environment. The project is managed by the participant. A mentor is provided to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the classroom to the real world. The project varies in length and is subject to the decision of the mentor. Capstone must be completed by December 18th, 2015.
NOTE: This module will be ongoing throughout the course and will equate to approximately 45 hours of self-directed work.

*Courses are offered based on sufficient enrolment.