Practical Nursing Grads from Moosonee Make the Grade

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MOOSONEE, ON: The entire graduating class from Northern College’s Practical Nursing program at the Moosonee Campus has successfully passed the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE). The newly-licensed Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) are now working in Moosonee and Moose Factory in the health care sector.

“Achieving my license means so much,” said Harley Weistche, one of the four graduates. “I can finally call myself a nurse. It means security for me and my little girl. Education promises me stability in life, success, knowledge and it is going to give me many opportunities.”

Three of the four graduates live in Moose Factory and were sponsored by the Moose Cree Education Authority, while the fourth, who lives in Moosonee, was sponsored by the Fort Albany First Nation. By choosing to study at Northern College’s Moosonee Campus, these graduates were able to study close to home, and tailor their education to the specific needs of their communities. They received their diplomas in May of this year.

“This is our home, it is our comfort zone and where our consistent support systems are located,” said valedictorian Kristin Beck, as she addressed her peers during the graduation ceremony. “We are so fortunate to have a college campus in our community. We, standing up here in our gowns and caps with diplomas and certificates, are able to encourage each other and others in our community that they can do it as well.”

Northern College is working to expand the educational options available in Moosonee, and has established Pre-Technology and Business Management certificate programs at the Moosonee Campus starting in January of 2014. The college is committed to developing the campus and its program options in response to the needs and directions of the communities it serves.

“The fact that all of our Practical Nursing graduates at the Moosonee Campus have passed the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination is a testament to the quality of education that we provide,” said Fred Gibbons, President of Northern College. “We are providing the people of Ontario’s far north access to the same high quality education we offer at all of our campus, allowing the communities we serve and the people who live there to thrive.”

All Practical Nursing program graduates must pass the CPNRE in order to register with the College of Nurses of Ontario, so that they may work as Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) in Ontario. This is the second consecutive class of Practical Nursing graduates from the Moosonee Campus to have all passed CPNRE, which is reflective of a broader college trend. For the past three years, all Practical Nursing graduates at the Timmins Campus have passed the CPNRE, as has last year’s class at the Kirkland Lake Campus.

Moosonee Grads
Photo (left to right):
Melissa Rickard, Kristin Beck, Harley Weistche, Kim Gagnon


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