Personal Support Worker Accelerated Program

Program Title – Personal Support Worker Accelerated Program

Credential Earned One-Year Certificate
Delivery Full Time
Program Length This accelerated program is 24 weeks. Program consists of two 12 week semesters.
Program Status Closed

Tuition and Fees Fee breakdown will be available soon.
Second Career Please refer to Second Career for more information.

Program Codes
H139A – Haileybury Campus
H138A – Kirkland Lake Campus
H136A – Timmins Campus

Semester Dates
# of Weeks
Course Delivery
Semester 1 May 10 – July 30
12 weeks
Theory courses online + onsite labs
Semester 2 (1st half) August 3 – September 10
6 weeks
Theory courses online + onsite labs + 2 clinical days
Semester 3 (2nd half) September 13 – October 22
6 weeks

Program Admission Packages
PSWA Clinical Requirements Package May 2021 – Domestic
PSWA Clinical Requirements Package May 2021 – International

Program Description
Personal support workers are unregulated health care providers. They work under the supervision of a regulated health professional, supervisor, or in the supported independent living environment under the direction of the client. They provide clearly identified personal care, routine activities of daily living and home management services, by following care/service plans and established policies and procedures. Personal support workers are responsible for their work to their clients and to their employers. Workers providing long term care and support services form the backbone of both community and facility services. They are often the people with whom clients/consumers have the most contact and with whom they develop close relationships. The attitude and approach of workers and their abilities are critical to the well being, comfort, safety and health of the people they support.

Education to prepare support workers assists them to develop a broad range of abilities beyond dexterity skills, which emphasizes the value of their role and reflects true sensitivity and respect for the individuality of each consumer/client. This program was developed as part of the Ontario provincial government’s plan to reform long term care and support services provided to people living at home and in long term care facilities. The Personal Support Worker Program is a two semester program consisting of theory and clinical practice in both institutional and community settings.

Additional Information about this Program

  • Program will consist of two 12 weeks semesters, beginning May 10th.
  • Orientation will be held on the morning of May 10th online to each campus (mandatory to attend). Further information about the Orientation will be provided during the first class.
  • All Clinical documentation is mandatory and must be submitted by June 15th. Inability to submit full clinical documentation will result in inability to continue to Semester II.
  • Intensive, all day classes online (labs on site and mandatory attendance). Timetables will be made available on the Student Portal of the Northern College website following student registration with Student Services (please contact your campus for Student Registration) and shortly prior to the start of the program
  • COVID protocols are in place and compliance is mandatory
  • Contact Bookstore of text/resource purchases (for all campuses) Tel: 705-235-7205 or email:
  • No cost for tuition or books/resources. Other costs may apply (e.g. travel to/from clinical settings, clinical documentation fees, etc).

Articulation Agreements
Download the complete Articulation Agreement list for Universities and Colleges (PDF, 113KB).
You can also visit OnTransfer. This site provides information and resources to help students and potential students find their way through Ontario’s postsecondary system.

Career Opportunities
Following successful completion of their program, graduates may be employed in a variety of community and institutional agencies. Personal support workers care for clients who are stable and who have clearly identified needs that are not expected to change significantly. They work under supervision and as valuable members of care/service teams; provide personal care and home management services to clients who are experiencing physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioural challenges. They are capable of providing organized competent care for individual clients and for their assigned multi-client groups. Personal support workers may also work under the direction of the client.

Contact Information
Shelly Hosman
Tel: 705-235-3211 x7289

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How is this PSW different from the ones usually offered?
The PSW Accelerated program is a compressed version of the PSW program in that the hours are compressed to allow the students to complete their learning in a shorter period of time.

2. Why is this happening?
This is happening as part of the Ministry of Colleges and Universities response to the need for additional, faster training for PSWs so that they can enter the workforce and support our hospitals and long-term care agencies. Those agencies are already short on staff, and with the impact of the pandemic, these shortages have been felt to an even greater degree.

3. Is it true that this course/program is free?
The funding for this program includes tuition and books, however there are some elements of the program that will not be funded by the provincial government.

4. What do I need to get in?
Applicants are required to have a OSSD/Grade 12 English, or mature student status (19 years of age or older), which would enable them to complete pre-admission Testing as required. Students also need to submit the full list of clinical documentation, which includes (but not limited to) current vaccinations, criminal reference checks, etc. Please check the website for the full list of required documentation. Student who are unable to provide these documents in full will not be able to complete the program, as these are requirements from the clinical learning setting partners.

5. Do I have to pay for textbooks?

6. How does reimbursement work?
The College will not be charging the full tuition to students outright, and text books will be paid through internal mechanisms – thus no reimbursement processes are required.

7. What is a paid placement?
Normally, students attend placement in the clinical setting as part of their regular learning and are therefore not reimbursed for that period of time. Under this initiative there will be some reimbursement for the students during this period of time.

8. How could I get a paid placement over volunteer opportunities?
The placement is a mandatory component of the PSW program. All volunteer opportunities over and above this are optional.

9. Is it easier to get into this program and the regular one?
Not necessarily. All normal admission and clinical documentation requirements still apply, and our programs are capped due to capacity within our partner agencies.

10. Do I still get the same credentials/certificate?

11. Where do I apply and how?
OCAS (Ontario College Application Service).

12. Who do I contact if there are more questions?
For admissions inquiries, please contact For clinical documentation requirements, please contact Tracy McGrath at

13. When does the program start?
May 10th 2021

14. Are there any additional costs related to study covered?
Yes. Those additional costs may include (but not limited to) transportation to the clinical site for learning, some equipment and application fees.