Supply Chain Management

Program Title – Supply Chain Management

Program Description
Supply Chain Management is a two-year Ontario College Graduate Certificate program (completed in four semesters). It is designed for individuals looking at a career or who are currently employed in the area of supply chain and logistics management. Students will learn to research and analyze the marketplace; develop demand forecasts; evaluate suppliers’ capabilities to deliver; utilize logistics technology tools and resources to assist in decision making; develop aggregate and master production plans/ schedules; and analyze business processes.

Industry-standard theories, methods, and techniques (Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Just-in-Time, Lean Theory of Constraints) and how they apply to supply chain management strategies and problem solving will also be covered. Graduates of this program will have applied knowledge in the field of supply chain management within a global economy, from planning, sourcing, producing and delivering the product or service. This program will provide students with valuable and relevant work experience, transferable skills sought by employers, and an opportunity to explore career interests before graduation. Through the Work placement experience, students will enhance the understanding of Supply Chain and Logistics learned in class and practice the business skills in the real-world.