Test Centre

Students registered with Accessibility Services may access our test centre as part of their accommodations. Students are asked to complete the online Test/Exam Request Form 5 days before the test/exam in order to accurately schedule and accommodate students. Testing accommodations are based on the unique needs of each student and may include:

  • Additional time for tests/exams
  • Readers
  • Scribes
  • Access to assistive technology
  • Alternate format tests/exams
  • Computers
  • Private rooms
  • Accessible seating

Student Test/Exam Accommodation Request Process

1. Go to mynorthern.ca
2. Click on My Account.
3. Log into your account using your Northern College username and password.
4. If you are registered with the Accessibility Services Department, you will see a new menu option on the left hand side that says “Test/Exam Accommodation”. Click this link.
5. Pick the class that the test is for.
6. Fill in the time and date.
7. Click Done at the bottom of the page.
8. Wait for the form to disappear and a confirmation sent message. A copy will be sent via email to the professor, the Accessibility Centre and to your NC email account.

Download a copy of the Student Test Exam Request Form Instructions (PDF, 480KB)