Microsoft Access – Introduction

Microsoft Office Access 2010 is the newest version of Microsoft’s popular database program. This version of Access incorporates a few new features and connectivity options in order to make databases more accessible to the everyday user.

This Foundation level is designed to help all novice computer users get up to speed quickly. This manual will also help more experienced users who have little to no experience with Access 2007 and the ribbon interface. Highlights of the course include a complete overview of the ribbon interface; information on getting started with databases (including a handy planning checklist); creating and using forms, queries, and reports; and information on printing and viewing data in different ways.

Getting Started
To begin, you will learn the basics of Access as well as important database terminology. Database security and getting help in the program will also be discussed.

The New Interface
Next, participants will closely examine the ribbon interface, including the Quick Access toolbar and how to customize the command tabs.

Creating a Database
In this section, participants will get into creating their first database. To begin, planning steps will be discussed. Then, the basics of records and tables will be covered. A discussion on formatting tools is also included.

Doing More with Your Database
The last section of the course focuses on creating and using forms, queries, and reports. Techniques for viewing, sorting, filtering, and printing data are also covered.

This course requires a minimum number of participants. Please contact us should you wish to set up a training date or would like to request further information.

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