Asbestos Type 3 Abatement Supervisor (1 day)

The course content follows the curriculum set by MTCU (Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities) for the Type 3 Asbestos Abatement Supervisor training program (AAS 253S).

Dates: TBA


    • Identify uses and common types of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) in buildings.
    • Examine health effects and hazards of asbestos exposure.
    • Learn about medical reporting.
    • Review Ministry of Labor Regulation 278/05.
    • Review other provincial health and safety legislation relevant to Type 3 asbestos work.
    • Identify measures and procedures for Type 3 asbestos work operations.
    • Discuss work area setup including elements such as the decontamination facilities and negative pressure requirements.
    • Review personal protective equipment, worker hygiene practices, decontamination procedures, waste packaging, and area cleanup.
    • Examine requirements for visual inspections and air sampling for clearance of Type 3 asbestos work areas.
    • Learn the regulations required by a Type 3 Asbestos Supervisor to ensure compliance and safety of workers.
    • Participate in interactive class discussions as part of the preparation for the MTCU’s AAS 253S exam.

    Course Requirements

    • Prior to the course, the employer must register as a “Signing Authority” with the MTCU (Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities) otherwise the training may be deemed void. Contact your local MTCU office to arrange this.
    • An individual must have Type 3 Asbestos Abatement Worker certification before taking this course.
    • Before taking the AAS 253S exam, the individual must have completed a construction supervisory basic course through the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (formerly known as Construction Safety Association of Ontario) or have proof of completing an equivalent formal construction supervisor course of a minimum of 16 hours in duration. Consult your local MTCU office on what is accepted as “equivalent” training.
    • The MTCU’s AAS 253S exam is administered separately.
    • The Signing Authority is responsible for maintaining documentation for all participants, arranging the exams and submitting the necessary documentation to the MTCU.

    The AAS 253S Exam will be administered at our approved facility Northern College Timmins Campus only. To book your test, please contact Monique Seguin at

    Contact Information

    Kirkland Lake Campus | 705-567-9291 ext. 1-3667
    Timmins Campus | Tel: 705-235-3211 ext. 1-2270