Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

5 Days

Program Overview
This 5 day, Indigenous workshop is a learning system that will help participants make the decision to succeed and will show them how to achieve whatever kind of success they define. Learn the seven ingredients of success and how they are applied with a system for handling and managing life.

Apply it systematically and consistently and participants will experience immensely positive changes in their life. Workshop series includes:

  • Achieve Balance in your Life
  • Five Principals to High Performance
  • Unlocking Your Potential
  • Taking Charge of Your Life
  • Managing Your Emotions
  • Releasing Your Brakes
  • The Worry Buster
  • The New Mental Diet
  • Learn to Learn
  • Five Keys to Goal Setting
  • Seven Steps to Goal Achieving
  • Developing a Success Personality
  • Parenting

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