Coaching for Success

Program Overview

  • Learners read aloud cards that list coaching opportunities, and the facilitator classifies them as opportunities to coach for success or improvement or as managing performance problems.
  • Facilitator differentiates the types of coaching and explains the Proactive-Reactive wall chart.
  • Working in teams, learners list on flip charts opportunities to proactively coach members of their work group that would support their organization’s priorities or values.
  • Facilitator conducts an activity that gives learners practice in recognizing opportunities to coach for success.
  • Referring to the Coaching Process wall chart, the facilitator explains that coaching for success is an ongoing process that involves identifying coaching needs by observing people’s performance, then deciding how to coach, and providing needed support without removing responsibility.
  • A video shows a leader who uses a “telling” approach to coaching for success. The group discusses the importance of balancing seeking and telling.
  • Facilitator briefly reviews the interaction process.
  • Facilitator reviews the discussion planner.
  • Learners read background and a completed Discussion Planner for a case study in which Carl, a fictitious team leader, coaches Kate, a team member who reports to him.
  • Learners watch a video of Carl conducting the coaching discussion with Kate and take notes on his use of interaction process skills and seeking and telling.
  • Facilitator reviews the interaction process skills.

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